StoryLab California (Wind Wolves Preserve)

StoryLab International Film Development Research Network recently completed a StoryLab Workshop with the Tejon Native American community and Wild Wolves Park Ranger community in the mountains of Southern California just north of Los Angeles. The workshop was led by Iakovos Panagopoulos, a PhD student of the research project’s principal investigator, Professor Erik Knudsen. We collaborated with Dr David Robinson, from the University of Central Lancashire, whose Wind Wolves Reserve Archeology project has been running for many years in the reserve. The StoryLab workshop involved working very closely with Dr David Robinson and his project to explore linking contemporary experiences of those with connections to the land to that of the excavations and the histories discovered through the archeological finds. The project was a great success and forms part of StoryLabs development into new places and new communities. For more information, visit the StoryLab California page.